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Agra escorts the best is city in India. The capital of Uttar Pradesh, Agra is known for its world heritage monuments, including Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri, and as home to the iconic Taj Mahal. Locals and tourists may refer to it as Akbarabad or Akbar-e-Azam (Great Emperor) after Mughal emperor Akbar who was born here; he built Agra Fort, which is now a World Heritage Site. The red sandstone used to build Fatehpur Sikri (the capital of his great-grandson Akbar) has given its name to Agrahari Stone or Red Stone (Panna Marukar), which is found very close by.

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 Agra’s rich Mughal history has earned it a unique place among India’s tourist destinations. Located on an elevated plateau, it is known for its hot weather and lack of rainfall. As an important military station, Agra was established by Sultan Sikandar Lodhi in 1501 CE; he named it Akbarabad after his son Prince Akbar. The city then passed into Shah Jahan’s hands, who made it his capital and renamed it Shahjahanabad after himself. He gave royal patronage to Agra’s Hindu craftsmen including jewelers, whose work can be seen all over Taj Mahal’s exterior.

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 After Shah Jahan, his grandson Aurangzeb came to power and decided to build a new capital city at nearby Aurangabad. This led to Agra’s decline as a political center, but it eventually became known as India’s Jewel Box due to its many magnificent Mughal-era buildings including the Taj Mahal escorts service. Known among locals as Akbarabad or Akbar-e-Azam (Great Emperor), Agra is today one of India’s most famous tourist destinations thanks these beautiful landmarks. It’s also becoming more famous for its escort services thanks to agencies like ours!

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