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While it may seem like every escort girl is from either Russia or Europe, you’ll find quite a few Uzbekistan women who work as Thai escorts in Mumbai. We’ve even found a few American Escorts in Mumbai women working as escorts out of our own locations, which is pretty cool if you ask us. The thing to keep in mind with these types of call girls is that they do cost more than their counterparts; Thai Escorts in Mumbai we’re not sure why exactly but we figure it has something to do with import/export taxes and such (we don’t really understand). Of course, you could probably ask them yourself when you get one of them on your arm. They tend to be pretty talkative.

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Good & Happy Thai Escorts for Fun SPA A word of warning before you go picking a girl of her nationality: a lot of these women have a specific idea of how much money they want for their services, so don’t be surprised if you have to offer up more than you had hoped. Also, as our regular customers will tell you, sometimes it can be difficult to track down a Thai Escorts Mumbai or American escort when demand is high. That’s just something you’ll have to deal with if you want to hook up with one. We can recommend a few places where these escorts hang out – maybe they can put in a good word for us too?

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Thai Model escorts in Mumbai For Short Duration Finally if you’re trying to be discreet about your escort services, we’d recommend staying away from Uzbek or American girls. Why? Well, they tend to be more outspoken than Russian or Ukrainian escorts. You know what they say – it’s always better to keep things simple when you can.