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If you are looking for a well-toned body, then Greek escort girls are right up your alley. They are very attractive females who love to party all night long. They are also excellent partners in bed as they love experimenting with their lovers. The average cost of hiring one such female is somewhere between $300-$500 per hour. However, there are some who charge even less than that depending on their experience level and reputation.
Italian escorts are also found in abundance in Mumbai, unlike any other city. It is often said that Italians are sex symbols of their country. They are quite liberal when it comes to sexual desires and love experimenting with different sexual techniques with their partners. The average cost of hiring one such lady ranges from $300-$500 per hour, but there are others who charge lesser than that too. These are just some examples of escorts that you can find in Mumbai, but they are certainly not all that’s available here! Many more sexy ladies call Mumbai home now.