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Deep throat Blowjob Deep throat is also known as deep throating or The Gag. It’s an advanced sexual technique that involves using your mouth to stimulate a man’s penis until he ejaculates. Because it does require some skill, many men are initially apprehensive about having their partners do it… But once they realize how pleasurable it is, they love it! And you will too when you realize just how easily you can master deep throating. Here’s what you need to know: 1. Use tongue on shaft: Learn how to use your tongue effectively in combination with your lips when stimulating his penis. While giving him head, flick your tongue against his shaft or gently curl it around it.

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Grab on firmly, but gently: Make sure you have a good grasp on his shaft so that you can use your mouth effectively. And since it’s likely to get sensitive after he comes, be careful not to squeeze too hard with your lips! 3. Don’t rush it: Deep throating can take practice if you want it done right. Don’t worry about time or getting him off quickly. Just focus on how good it feels for both of you while doing it slowly at first—even if that means taking 30 minutes or more! 4. Move your head up and down: Once you have a firm grip on his penis, begin gently bobbing your head back and forth as you suck his cock.
This is especially important when you are deep throating him because it will prevent your throat from tightening around his penis. If you are new to deep throating, take it slow at first while maintaining firm suction for a few minutes. Then, try bobbing your head up and down while keeping that suction in place. Remember not to swallow since doing so can make you gag! 5. Deep throat multiple times: Once he gets close to coming, consider trying multiple consecutive deep throats until he finally explodes in orgasmic ecstasy! 6. Use hands when needed: Using your hands during oral sex can help keep him hard or stimulate his balls when performing oral sex on him.